The Distance Burns…

George Lamptey
1 min readOct 13, 2022

A poem

Ever so slowly
When the flame is alive
Consuming thoughts
Absorbing love sparks
A truth
Creating a mirage of life

A life of passion
The here
And everlasting now
A sweet kiss
A forever hello
The distance
Between love and life
Is nothing
They bind together
Like yellow blue flakes
Of the flame

See the wingspan
An eagles truth
Towards the light
The sun
Takes one to heights unknown
To feel
The heat
A sensation

Explore your heart
You are protected
As adventure burns
Making salt crystals
Of the white sand
Glow and glisten
The distance burns…

George Odarquaye Lamptey — The Experimental Poet
A cafe in Crystal Palace, 2022

Copyright © George Odarquaye Lamptey

I contemplated not producing an image for this but that would be leaving out one of the senses and if blessed to have this should include an image derived from the poem along with machine learning and artificial intelligence used to produce the soundtrack, again a representation of the poem. Enjoy!