Part 9: Why are we planning to go back to “normal” anyway? CHANGE

George Lamptey
4 min readJun 17, 2020

I was having a chat with a friend last week and he said, “make it clear what your opinion is!”. I smiled. He knows full well that one thing I want is change. Not just a change of the narrative but tangible actual change.

Photo by Marc Sendra Martorell on Unsplash

The resistance to change never ceases to surprise me. During lockdown I’ve seen pubs open, clean haircuts and hairstyles on people that could only have been done at a top hair joint, grand picnics of thirty plus in the park and much more. Could we not just pause during a health crisis?

Yep, the economy is slowly opening up but have we changed? Do we want to?

For many, it’s an irrelevant question as it’s a chance to work again which is positive. Change is always seen as a negative in many respects. We don’t need to, there will be risks, failure and so on.

But change can also be positive that something new can enhance things in every way. That’s the romantic in me.


Prior to Covid-19, many of us had been spoilt by the choice of news and information we could absorb. We rushed, shopped, holidayed, ate when and where we wanted and then…

We had to stop. We had to listen. We had to fill our new found time. The noise had calmed down.