Health versus Wealth — there can only be one winner, right?

George Lamptey
6 min readAug 5, 2020

I’m lost, what exactly is going on now?

It’s been a surreal few weeks for me. From feeling tuned in I really could not tell you where we are and what policies are forming the foundation of the new-normal.

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I no longer say I’m working from home. I’m just working like many fortunate people I know. I will continue to say fortunate because I’m not one of the millions who have fallen victim to the real world pains of having lost his or her job in retail, hospitality and other sectors.

What is going to be the true impact of unemployment? Will children be back at school in September at the expense of pubs opening? Are you travelling on your holidays when in the last week alone when you were sunning abroad or on the coast of the UK, the national rate has been rising everywhere?

So, what is actually going on now? What is the policy? What are the rules? What do we believe in now? A second national lockdown? A partial lockdown? A cure for the virus in the form of hydroxychloroquine?

I’ve had to sit back like you I’m sure and watch many theories play out, all the while “behaving” as normal as can be.

We are no longer talking about the death rate of Covid since the tragic death of the first person to die from Covid-19 in the UK (an 80 year old woman with no underlying health conditions) She mattered as have all the people who have died since.

Do we actually have to choose?

A friend of mine said “health versus wealth”. It struck a chord with me because the conversation is firmly focused on the economy right now yet there is a clear correlation between the health of the nation and Covid fatalities.

Photo by I.am_nah on Unsplash

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