Poetry prompt — Broken from the inside

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Jagged dreams
Colours, trees, lilac, storms, noise, fear, many, time, end, dark, tense, pain

This cerebral pin ball
Then speeding
Hitting left and right
Rising higher than the edge
Tipping over
The journey starts

It may be momentary
That troublesome itch
Leaving grazes on the fuzzy mesh
Internal pain
Transcending veins
You must be broken on the inside

It’s a trial
You know it now
So beat the heart and gather strength
Rising like the rollercoaster
Healing weathered thoughts
Dancing dandelion feathers
Flying with you
Mending purple vines

George Odarquaye Lamptey

Thank you for inviting me…

George Lamptey

I believe at heart I have a need to tell a story through poetry, acting and writing. https://georgelamptey.org/

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