A poem

Photo by Murilo Silva on Unsplash

I mean, why the need to know?
Some say it’s us
The complicated exploitative species
Apart from regal elephants
Where memories are deep
Protected by the yellow golden vastness
Of adult reed forms
That ask the question

The million other living species
Of earth that break the day
That never ask the question

The loss
Of this simple word
Can free the burdens
The expanse of which is infinite

The search of beauty
Dissolving bells
Where the sounds of questions
Echo in the mirrored distance

Welcome help
To the egoic companion
The somewhat hidden alpha
Solutioneering all before…

A long poem. Almost an essay.

The wind is howling more than normal. There is a rage, a fearful one that somehow points to a new order that will arise in my lifetime. In a weird way I somehow hope it does.

That urge for me to start in poetic prose, rhythmic form or words that sing and link to other kindred spirits is never far away, yet I am also contemplating that I have been drawn to bring my soul to speak on the topic of space.

I love it because for me it is the essence of my…

Credit: George Lamptey @ Westow Park, London

A poem

George Lamptey

I believe at heart I have a need to tell a story through poetry, acting and writing. https://georgelamptey.org/ All articles, opinions and poems are my own.

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